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The walls hold memories
of events of eight past

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Fine dinning restaurant in the heart of the old town

L´Olive restaurant

The name comes from an olive tree that grew here at some point. Nowadays, you can no longer sit under its branches, but you will be pleased with the local culinary experience. Local team of cooks makes miracles using only traditional domestic ingredients, and at the end of this alchemy, the Slovak menu is born in the most attractive form. From bryndza, for example, our chefs cook bryndza creme brullée in combination with valerian salad, crunchy bacon and homemade pretzel. As if by magic, local Slovak ingredients turn into a delicately crafted deer's back with venison sausage, pumpkin, pear and sweet hazelnuts with juniper juice.
Moreover, large part of the products or "semi-finished products" originate in the local cuisine - products from yeast dough, chocolate, homemade pasta and curd cheese, fermented vegetables or the famous "Bratislava sour cabbage”.
Nineteenth-century bar

There are no guests who would not call it their "No. 1", their favourite, partly thanks to the original 19th-century ceiling and stylish furnishings with open fireplace. Just enter this fairy-tale space, close your eyes for a moment and let your mind drift away filled with fantasies.
The bar is an excellent space for celebrations, talks or relaxation with a cup of fine coffee, wine, cognac or cigarette.